Combat Conditioning Conference 2019

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It's back for the THIRD instalment - Boxing Science's - a series of online workshops from leading sport science practitioners in Boxing and Combat Sports. 

If you're a coach or athlete looking to accelerate your career by acquiring expert knowledge, this is a unique opportunity to learn from the best boxing and combat sports has to offer. 

You could learn from a textbook, from experiences or from successful mentors. This conference gives you access to accomplished coaches working at the pinnacle of combat sports who share their knowledge and experiences in a format that's entertaining, understandable and applicable. 

Formal education and courses are the foundations of your career, but experiences like this will help you go from good to great. This conference we share real-world case studies, scientific research and practical tools for you to unlock your potential. 

6 Experts, 9 video workshops, 1 Place

+ FREE TLAC 2.0 Remastered Programme



The Conference Launches 1st May 2019 - and our pre-order offer ends 30th April

10 online video workshops, downloadable and streamable, for just £100 (inc. VAT) - That's just £10 a workshop, that you can keep forever.  

PLUS - You'll get our 10-week strength and conditioning programme - TRAIN LIKE A CHAMPION 2.0 - Remastered for FREE! 


Combat Conditioning Conference 2019 - The Line-Up

Speakers and The Workshops


Dr Duncan French

Dr. Duncan French has over 20 years of experience working with elite professional and Olympic athletes and is now the UFC Vice-President of Performance. Prior to joining the UFC, he was the Director of Performance Science at the University of Notre Dame, USA, national lead S&C coach for both Team GB Basketball and Taekwondo, and S&C coach for Newcastle United Football Club. Duncan has authored or co-authored 60 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and seven book chapters.

Training The MMA Athlete - A presentation taking you through multiple case-studies of different MMA athletes in different scenarios. Duncan takes you through the testing profile at the UFC PI and how the results are used to form their S&C programmes.


Dr Scott Robinson

Dr Scott Robinson is a leading sports nutritionist and exercise physiologist. He works on a 1-1 basis with some of the UK's finest athletes, including world champion boxers, Premier League football players, and professional motorsport athletes. In his practice, Scott utilises state-of-the-art methods and principles to optimise athlete performance.

Informed Sports Nutrition for Boxing - Scott has worked with some of the biggest names in UK Boxing, and has a wealth of experience of making weight effectively and fuelling performance. The main reason why he has been so successful is because his nutritional practices are data-driven. Scott takes you through his methods and how you can use the data to take away the guesswork in your diet. 


Danny Wilson

Danny Wilson is an accredited strength and conditioning currently working in Boxing, with 9 years of professional experience. He has worked with a range of athletes from amateurs to world champions, such as Kell Brook, Kid Galahad, Jamie and Gavin McDonnell, Jordan Gill and Anthony Fowler. Danny has provided strength and conditioning to England Boxing, Billy Joe Saunders, Nicola Adams, Terry Flanagan and recently Derek Chisora.

Science Behind The Thrill - When Jordan Gill joined the Boxing Science programme in May 2015, he had a vision of achieving world level strength, speed and fitness in four years time. Fast forward to 2019, and Jordan is the WBA international featherweight champion in hot pursuit of world honours. Danny takes you through some of the methods he's used with Jordan across a four year period in order to achieve world-class performance. 

Youth Training for Boxing - When we launched Boxing Science, our mission was to influence the next generation of boxing champions. We have been investing in our 'Youth Athlete Initiative' - a programme that aims to provide free sport science training to youth boxers. This workshop is a showcase of the methods we use and our analysis on the current state of athletic development in boxing. 


Dr Alan Ruddock

Alan is a physiologist at Sheffield Hallam University with a wealth of experience in sports science. He has worked with a range of individual athletes and teams, including FIFA World Cup referee Howard Webb and Commonwealth games medalists England Table Tennis. Alan has worked extensively within Boxing at the highest level, having a huge influence on Kid Galahad’s British, Commonwealth and European Title wins and with Kell Brook’s IBF welterweight world title victory and his mega-fight against Gennady Golovkin.

High-Intensity Conditioning for Boxing - In this presentation, Alan dissects what it takes to win at an elite level and presents the case for why high-intensity conditioning is crucial to high-performance in combat sports. After Alan's presentation, you'll have the knowledge and understanding to apply the Boxing Science conditioning methods to your own training. 

Rob Madden

Rob is a physiotherapist and S&C specialist who has worked with a variety of professional athletes from boxing, golf, formula 1, rugby, Olympic snowsports and football.

He has worked with Lawrence Okolie, James Degale and most notably world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, providing physiotherapy/performance support (as part of a professional team) since 2013 shortly after he went professional.

Optimising the Athletes' Spine - This educational and practical workshop will give you the tools to build a robust, high-performance neck and trunk. Rob shares numerous screening and practical exercises to help you approach issues systematically


Dan Lawrence

Head of Performance Matchroom Boxing gym working with the likes of - Joe Cordina, John Ryder, Conor Benn and many more.

Dan has been a Strength & Conditioning coach in boxing for over 6 years and coached through the full spectrum of working with amateur national champions, all the way through to World Champions such as George Groves.

Adapting Around The Boxers' Shoulder - Dan has a wealth of experience working with boxers and has an in-depth understanding of how to adapt around some of the challenges faced when working with a boxer. Common issues include tight, overused and immobile shoulders that can create problems when strength training. In this practical workshop, Dan shares his favourite mobility and soft tissue release exercises to bulletproof the boxer and gives you his tools to adapt exercises to help a boxer improve their strength without getting injured or sore from training. 

Ultimate Coach for Combat Sports - x 2 Workshops

Tapering Strategies for Combat Sports - “The hard work is done” is often a phrase used in boxing as they get closer to stepping through the ropes – however, gains from a training camp can unravel through a mismanaged taper.

One of Boxing Science’s biggest challenge is convincing athletes and coaches to maintain their S&C schedule towards fight week. However, following several camps boxers now ask to train on fight week, this is down to our sharp and fast tapering sessions firing them up for performance. In this workshop, we will be explaining and demonstrating our training methods from two weeks out to pre-fight pad-work.

Programming and Monitoring for Combat Sports - “If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing!” is one of our favourite quotes at Boxing Science, and drives our passion for collecting, monitoring and analysing data.

Since the start of Boxing Science, we have taken great pride in the way we utilise data to feedback to our athletes, to justify our programming and evaluate progress.

In this workshop, Alan will share different methods we use at Boxing Science for accurate and effective programming and monitoring in the pursuit for optimal results.

+PLUS  *FREE* Train Like A Champion 2.0 Programme

Your next step towards world level fitness!

Boxing Science provides you with a new 10-week strength and conditioning program. Following on from TLAC 1.0, you'll progress to more complex exercises and shorter rep ranges, and build strength for a devastating punch. 

• Progression to big lifts

• Shorter rep ranges to develop maximal strength

• Tapering strategies to fire on fight night.

Bulletproof Core

Our new core circuits help you to deliver thudding shots and protect your mid-section from body shots. The Boxing Science core circuits will challenge your core muscles in various planes - this can aid your training performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. We also introduce explosive core supersets to improve rotational speed.

• Core circuits

• New exercises – including isometric core holds

• ‘Explosive Core Supersets’ to develop core speed

World Class Conditioning

A brand new 10-week conditioning program designed to push your body to the limit in the pursuit of world-level fitness.

• Sprint clusters – Experience the advanced Boxing Science conditioning methods

• High intensity red zone runs

Unbelievable Speed

We program explosive speed and movement sessions into your training week, warm-ups and tapering phase. This will equip you with dynamic movement and blistering speed to get you firing for fight night.

• Weekly speed sessions to keep you firing all camp

• General and specific exercises used to create rapid hand speed

• Two-week speed block for your taper phase to get you fired up for fight night.


The Conference Launches 1st May 2019 - and our pre-order offer ends 30th April

You can get 10 online video workshops, downloadable and streamable, for just £100 (inc. VAT) - That's just £10 a workshop, that you can keep forever

+PLUS - Receive TLAC 2.0 - Remastered for FREE


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Combat Conditioning Conference 2019

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