Train Like A Champion and TLAC 2.0

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Are you ready to start your transformation into an elite athlete?

Train Like A Champion is the ultimate guide to world-level fitness, as Boxing Science share the 'Blueprint To Elite Performance'

This is a fully comprehensive 10-week sport science program to get you in the shape of your life!

You will be given the same training methods of Boxing champions, such as Kell Brook, Kid Galahad, Jordan Gill and Anthony Fowler. 

Our programs will help you work at higher work-rates, flow dynamically around the ring and deliver fast, devastating punches. 

Train Like A Champion + TLAC 2.0 - Special Offer

To celebrate the launch of the TLAC 2.0 program, Boxing Science have created an unbelievable offer for you to access BOTH 'Train Like A Champion' programs. 

For a limited time only, you can buy the original Train Like A Champion program, and receive TLAC 2.0 for FREE. 

What do I receive in Train Like A Champion?

Main Handbook - We provide a detailed explanation for you to understand the program, build your training schedule, assess your current fitness levels and set goals for the 10-week program

Strength Handbook - 30 page handbook on strength training, with a 10-week detailed program that will make you more explosive, robust and punch harder than ever

Conditioning Handbook - 10 week high intensity conditioning program to work faster and harder for longer. This will help you work at an intensity thats insurmountable for your opponents. 

Nutrition Handbook - A 3-phase nutrition guide to fuel your performance and comfortably make the weight.

Movement Handbook - Move faster, flow better and reduce the likelihood of injury.

TLAC Coaching Video Series - S&C coach Danny Wilson explains the key coaching points on how to perform the key exercises and different progressions / regressions to get the most out of your program.

What's New About TLAC 2.0?


Boxing Science provide you with a new 10-week strength and conditioning program. You will progress to more complex exercises and shorter rep ranges to help you build strength for that devastating punch you've always craved.


We program explosive speed and movement sessions into your training week, warm-ups and tapering phase. This will equip you with dynamic movement and blistering speed to get your firing for fight night.


A brand new 10-week conditioning program manipulate the intensity and volume of your runs during the 10-week conditioning program to push your body to the limit in the pursuit for world-level fitness.

Bulletproof Core

Our new core circuits will build you fantastic core strength, helping you to deliver thudding shots and protect your mid-section from body shots.

The Boxing Science core circuits will challenge your core muscles in various planes - this can aid your training performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Pre-Order Offer - BOTH PROGRAMS FOR JUST £100 (inc. VAT) - Launches Monday 19th June

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Train Like A Champion and TLAC 2.0

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