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Boxing Science Birthday GIVEAWAY - Movement Handbook

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Boxing Science Birthday GIVEAWAY - Movement Handbook

Boxing Science - Train Like A Champion
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Boxing Science are celebrating their THIRD Birthday in style... with their biggest competition yet!

You have the chance to WIN both of our Train Like A Champion programs worth £160, along with other cool 2nd and 3rd place prizes. 

All you have to do is leave your name and e-mail address to download our Movement Handbook for FREE, and your name will be entered in the draw to win one of our FANTASTIC prizes. 


Here is more information about the Movement Handbook....

Are you wanting to move better and faster? Flow around the ring and be more explosive?

Are you wanting to reduce muscle freshness and tightness? Get the most out of your sessions and feel GREAT?!

If you answer YES! Then the Boxing Science Movement Handbook is ideal for you.

The Movement Handbook

The Movement Handbook is an easy to follow guide on movement, mobility and speed training that can really help your daily training routine.

This handbook offers an insight to the common mobility issues boxers and combat athletes may face. Also, we provide a daily workout that you can do ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

should eat and when to make the weight safely and effectively. We also provide hydration, fuelling and recovery strategies so you achieve the optimal results session by session.

We provide a TAILORED 3 phase diet plan to YOUR weight category that will help you reduce body fat and maintain muscle mass so that you become fitter, leaner and stronger than ever.

Why Is Movement Training Important?

Movement and mobility training helps reduce muscular imbalances, this helps reduce likelihood of injury. This doesn’t often get boxers excited… but what about if we told you it will improve your punching force?

It's not just stretching either. You can improve the way you produce force and glide around the ring with dynamic, flowing and explosive exercises. Our movement training helps improve your punching range as well as becoming more resilient to injuries.

In this handbook, we will introduce mobility, movement and plyometric exercises to improve the way you move around the ring, flow during delivering faster and harder punches.

What's In The Handbook?

Mobility training to keep you loose and injury free.

Highlight and combat common movement issues for Boxers

Improve your punch flow and dynamic movement in the ring

10-week mobility program you can do ANYWHERE

Learn how to warm-up effectively.

Plyometric and co-ordination drills to improve speed and agility.

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